Over the last decade we’ve helped our clients move closer to their dream homes without packing a single box.  It’s a simple process, really.  We listen, and then we create.  Along the way, we’ll bring up anything we think you’re forgetting, we’ll never forget that our workplace is your living space, and we’ll recommend the most appropriate green building practices and products. Think of us as your magic wand, er, hammer. So, where would you like to begin?  Shall we get rid of the matching pink toilet, tub and sink from the 60’s? Are your kitchen cabinets sagging from 30 years of service?  Is your basement ready to go from dreary to delightful? We’re ready when you are.

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From snacks to socials, the kitchen is the nucleus of the home.  Rarely does yesterday’s kitchen satisfy today’s needs, let alone tomorrow’s demands.  It’s all too common for families to adjust to their kitchen’s quirks, rather than make the space work for them.  The entire home is reinvigorated with a kitchen remodel. How do you imagine yours?  With tried-and-true granite countertops or something funkier like recycled paper?  Refinish that old floor or replace it?  Would the sink stay where it is or move? With ReCraft, you can have the layout you want with the materials and finishes that are stylistically and functionally best for you.  With your vision and our expertise, we’ll create the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

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We expect a lot from our bathrooms.  They help us care for our bodies while delivering warmth and water, privacy and comfort.  While the basic balance of hygiene and style applies to all bathrooms, the ideal space is as unique as your home.  Your family’s needs should be met with enduring elegance and efficiency.  For some of our clients, that may simply mean replacing the fixtures, while for others, that means taking the whole space down to the studs before making additional room, rearranging the plumbing, laying new flooring, and resetting the lighting.  Whatever your vision, ReCraft will help you hone in on the perfect solution.


Imagine your home had an extra floor.  What would you do with the additional space?  Many of our clients add another bedroom or bathroom.  Some create a space where the kids have a place that’s all their own.   Others have tucked in a new home office to cut the commute and better balance work with life.  Remodeling your basement is the easiest way to leverage your home’s footprint and expand its square footage.  Turning this floor into a place that invites more light with crisp finishes can greatly increase the standard of living for your whole family.  In many Portland-area homes, especially those built earlier last century, the basement requires special consideration.  Let’s discuss your options around making it work for your family.


Although kitchens, bathrooms and basements are the most popular home improvements, we can help with any one of your home remodeling projects.  We can create a fence to contain your canine, build a dormer to house your master bedroom and bath, create an additional dwelling unit that you can rent out for additional income, or add-on to your house to fit your growing needs.