Lovely Portland, OR Beaumont-Wilshire Whole House Remodel

Contractor: ReCraft Home Remodeling

Architect: Christie Architecture

Before we stepped in, this well loved 3 bedroom, 2 bath 1926 Craftsman home was in dire need of restoration. A long time neighborhood resident, the homeowner wanted nothing more than to age in her home, but had deep concerns about the condition and accessibility. The kitchen was victim to a disjointed 80’s update that didn’t mesh with the rest of the home. Other areas held original details that were well beyond repair. The second floor housed vast underutilized attic space, while high use areas such as the bathrooms and stairs, were falling apart. The partially finished basement was prone to collect water and rendered useless. There were also concerns about the safety of the original knob and tube wiring. It was clear that getting this home into tip top shape was going to be a heroic undertaking.

When the keys were handed over, we carefully gutted the entire home, including all HVAC, electrical and plumbing. The fireplace, brick chimney, furnace flue, ceiling joists and roof were removed. The few items in decent shape were donated. A total of 660 square feet were added to the home in the form of a back and dormer addition. A covered deck was added to the back of the house and the front porch expanded. The completed home was awarded a high efficiency gas furnace and air conditioner, water heater, electrical panel, gas fireplace and security system. Having retained the existing basement foundation walls, a waterproofing system and sump pump were added to protect their sizable investment.

The newly remodeled home boasts all new finishes, hardwood flooring throughout, 4 bathrooms, a master suite, and 4 bedrooms. The stairs to the basement and second floor were stacked allotting space for a fully functional kitchen. The new windows and doors keep the home comfortable and dry year round.

Period details were reincorporated out of respect to the original home and neighborhood. With superior craftsmanship, our skilled carpenters built the Doug fir columns and fourteen

identical 48 inch corbels for the exterior of the home. Instead of creating a 2 story monstrosity that would have been out of character with the surrounding homes, dormers were constructed that provided needed square footage but in keeping with the neighborhood.

A new gas fireplace is flanked with custom cabinetry to mimic the original. The glass cabinet

knobs were saved and reused. A stunning limestone hearth is recessed within new oak flooring. The firebox is surrounded by silver crackle ceramic mosaic tile. The opening to the Den was enlarged and cased with beautiful trim that ties into the mantel.

Keeping the details of this room consistent with the original was high priority. Custom corner built ins with glass mullion doors flow right into the window trim and sill. Lovely crown and ogee base molding trace the perimeter. Warm, creamy wall paint gives the room an inviting and airy feel. A period chandelier grounds the space illuminating the table.

Having borrowed space from the old basement stairs, a once cramped and dated Kitchen is now vast and bright. The arched opening between the kitchen and nook was removed to create a more continuous and accessible space. Ample storage, extensive countertop, efficient appliances, LED undercabinet lighting and an undermount fireclay sink, is any chefs’ dream. Period fixtures collaborate with recessed can lights to maximize brightness.

Custom white painted shaker cabinets, ceramic tile, and Belgian Blue Satin Quartz counters give the Kitchen a period look, while satisfying all modern needs. Beautiful crown molding is meticulously carried from the kitchen throughout the entire first floor creating continuity.

The addition on the back of the house allowed for a master bathroom and dressing room to be added. Floor to ceiling ceramic tile lines the shower walls and ceiling. White polished quartz shelves are tucked in the back wall corner to hold necessities. Stylized chrome grab bars and a quartz bench seat bring a touch of universal design.

A high end linear shower drain sits flush with the gray ceramic hex tile. Necessary plumbing was installed to accommodate a future steam shower, air tight with an elegant frameless glass shower door. Belgian blue satin quartz is repeated on the lengthy bath vanity. A Robern recessed medicine cabinet provides further storage.

A combination of period fixtures, recessed cans, and larger windows help to light the rooms throughout the house. Immense storage in the new Master Dressing Room lines the wall into the Master Bedroom.

Beautiful oak stairs replace the narrow, winding staircase. A decorative iron railing capped with a warm wood handrail and bottom plate invite you up to the enlarged second floor.

Many of the master and powder bath finishes are carried upstairs to the second floor bath. A long narrow recessed niche spans the length of the tub with a polished quartz ledge capping it off. The showerhead mounts on a slide bar for versatile use.

The Basement gained one bedroom, one full bathroom, a laundry room, and a mechanical room. The existing foundation walls were retained. We focused on adding functional living space, while fully finishing out the bathroom. The homeowner opted to wait on the cabinetry in the family room kitchenette, fireplace, and laundry room.

The basement bathroom takes on a more modern approach with natural stone floors and vertical grain rift white oak cabinetry. The brushed stainless plumbing fixtures are clean and simple, as is the vertical offset ceramic tile. Similar to the other floors, white polished quartz appears in the shower niche shelves. A warm and neutral color palette make the basement warm and inviting.


  • Managing the infinite number of materials in this project was a huge undertaking A different brand, style, and finish of door hardware was selected for each floor, and various fixtures and finishes were installed in each of the four bathrooms Extensive planning, tracking, and cataloging was necessary to assure everything was ordered correctly and arrived at the appropriate time

  • Items such as the steam shower components took careful planning up front to assure necessary parts were available and installed at rough plumbing On the same token, finishes had to be ordered months in advance and stored to guarantee availability

  • Increased blocking was necessary on the exterior of the home during framing to support the massive corbels that would be installed towards the end of the project Long lead times and exorbitant material costs prompted us to switch gears and build fourteen 48 corbels and front porch columns in house This was a significant cost savings and helped us keep the project on schedule It also afforded us greater quality control

  • The Basement floor required significant concrete leveling the entire length of the house It took persistent project management and collaboration with the concrete contractor to ensure it was poured and leveled to our quality standards, before we could move further with the project

  • COVID 19 hit in the last half of this project We kept working despite the major changes to our work and jobsite standards and protocol It took some navigating around the sudden lack of availability and increased lead time on materials Fortunately the client wasn’t living in the home during the remodel

Despite the challenges that come with working on a 1920 ’s home on a narrow residential street during COVID 19 we managed to finish the project on budget and within a few days of the projected schedule The homeowner is thrilled to have a beautiful, new home that she can reside in for years to come.

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